Anchors of Our Community

As individual parishioners and as Saint Clement Parish, we seek deeper holiness, greater communion and wider service. Rooted in our Catholic tradition, empowered by the liturgy, and grateful to God for our blessings, we strive to live and grow our faith together in the following ways.

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I will engage with our community in prayer and a spirit of open invitation as we support each other on our faith journey.
Saint Clement Parish will open its doors to welcome each member of our parish as we build a Catholic community of faith, nurtured with care and compassion.


I will gather with our community in weekly Sunday Mass, participate fully with our parish in worship and the Sacraments, and seek to make personal daily prayer an integral part of my individual faith life.
Saint Clement Parish will help to form and inspire our prayer life and will bring God’s word to life in the liturgy, worship and the Sacraments.


I will freely volunteer my time, God-given talents and gifts to the ministries of Saint Clement parish and in service to others in Chicago and beyond.
Saint Clement Parish will guide us in discovering our individual talents and gifts and how we can use them to put our Catholic faith into action.


I will contribute a share of the first fruits of my resources with gratitude and generosity to support the mission of Saint Clement Parish and the broader needs of our community and the world.
Saint Clement Parish will responsibly and transparently steward our resources in the spirit of our Catholic faith.


I will seek to grow in knowledge and understanding of my Catholic faith and how to integrate it into my daily life and my encounters with others.
Saint Clement Parish will provide opportunities through which parishioners of all ages can learn, believe and live our Catholic faith.


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