Capital Campaign FAQ's

The following questions have been asked about the campaign thus far. We welcome additional questions as provided for below.

How were priorities set, and which projects will not happen if we do not meet our campaign goal?

Saint Clement parishioners always respond generously when called upon to secure the future of our parish. We fully expect to meet our $6 million goal, and we hope to exceed the goal so that more projects can be tackled. The building committees of the church and school have met regularly to ascertain our most urgent capital priorities and to estimate preliminary cost. If projects need to be re-evaluated due to lack of funds, they will be brought back to the building committees for review and re-prioritizing.

Will any of the funds shared with the Archdiocese be used for purposes other than those outlined in the campaign materials?

No, the funds donated to the campaign will be used solely for the purposes set forth in the campaign materials. Funds are held in a special trust that restricts the use to the priorities set forth by the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign.

How much should I give?

We ask each parishioner to make a three-year financial commitment that is over and above their regular, annual giving. Each family’s financial situation is different, so we are not asking for a specific amount from each family. We ask that each family contribute something, and that their pledge is meaningful and sacrificial to them. Please see the Discerning Your Gift brochure included in this information packet.

How are the pledges fulfilled?

Payments are processed through the Archdiocese then remitted back to Saint Clement. This process is similar to the way in which pledges are fulfilled through the Cardinal’s Annual Appeal. Payments may be made over a three-year period in increments of your choosing—monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Please make checks payable to “To Teach Who Christ Is.” Stock donations are welcome, and credit cards are also accepted. The payments are processed through the Archdiocese, so we will not be able to utilize ParishPay.

Have an additional question? 

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