Our Clement Commits

St. Margaret of Scotland School

Consistent with our commitment to share a significant portion of our collections with others in need and the overall campaign goal of supporting Catholic education in the Archdiocese, Saint Clement Parish has committed to share 10 percent of the funds we raise in the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign for scholarships and direct support to St. Margaret of Scotland School on the south side of Chicago. This is in keeping with our Clement Commits program.

St. Margaret of Scotland is an elementary school that serves students from preschool through eighth grade and has served Washington Heights and surrounding neighborhoods for many decades. Rooted in faith, St. Margaret has a strong commitment to academic excellence. Toward that end, the school has recently redesigned its curriculum and is expanding program offerings that serve its students.

Many of the families living in the communities served by St. Margaret need substantial financial assistance to send their children to the school. Through the Archdiocese and the Big Shoulders Fund, nearly 80 percent of St. Margaret’s students receive some scholarship assistance. But considerably more is needed to enable many families to continue sending their children to St. Margaret.

Through Clement Commits, we hope to significantly expand the scholarship funds available to students in need. These funds will also be used to support the faculty and new curricula recently adopted by St. Margaret. Our contributions will make a real impact on St. Margaret of Scotland School and will give meaning to our pledge to give as true Christian stewards.

To learn more about St. Margaret of Scotland school, visit their website.

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