Our Priests' Residence

Saint Clement recently acquired an apartment building just north of the school at 2530 North Orchard Street. This building will soon be the new home for the priests residing at the parish, including the pastor, associate pastor, resident priests, and visiting priests. However, the new building is in need of plumbing, electrical, and mechanical repairs. The building’s exterior envelope—including the roof, windows, and masonry—will be repaired or replaced; a new HVAC system will be added; bathrooms will be updated; and a portion will be reconfigured for communal living which includes a newly designed kitchen, dining, and meeting space. This will require an investment of approximately $800,000. If we exceed our $6 million goal, we may also be able to construct an ADA-accessible room and lift and repurpose individual kitchens.

The renovations to the Parish Center and acquisition of the new Priests' Residence are faithful to Saint Clement’s mission to be rooted in our Catholic faith, empowered by our liturgy and worship, and grateful for our many blessings. Our contributions to the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign will help strengthen the parish’s journey to achieve that mission.

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