Our Rectory and Parish Center

The Parish Center has long been the heart of activity serving the needs of Saint Clement parishioners. It was originally built as a single family home and sold to the parish when the church was in the planning stages. After acquiring the building, the home’s façade was structurally adapted with Romanesque architectural designs to seamlessly integrate it into the grand design of the church.

For its first 30 years,it served as the convent for the Sisters of Saint Francis who taught at the school. For the last 70 years, it has served as the Parish Center, with a number of former bedrooms adapted into offices and meeting spaces. It was formally renamed the Fahey Center after initial renovations were completed in the late 70s and 80s to meet city codes and for expanded use as the result of the development of a wider offering of services.

The continual growth of the mission and outreach of Saint Clement Parish has placed excess demand on the building’s adapted setup, and it is no longer practical as currently configured. Approximately $1.1 million from the campaign will be used to restructure the entrance of the building to accommodate a commercial elevator. This new elevator will allow for full access to all floors in the center and the adjacent church, and will support our identity as a welcoming parish. It will allow for greater mobility of people and equipment in and out of the parish center. Additionally, as part of the plan, the safety and security systems will be upgraded, and the remaining rectory space will be converted to office space for parish use.

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