Our School

  1. Renovate current administrative offices into a dedicated nurse's office and private restroom facilities for staff

  2. Reconfigure administrative offices to allow direct access from stairs

  3. Remodel foyer to provide visual identification of visitors and entrance into formal reception area

  4. New entrance canopy, security system, and front doors

  5. Student Learning Center


Since its doors opened in 1906, Saint Clement School has offered a nurturing environment that inspires academic and spiritual growth. It is blessed with engaging teachers and administrators whose passion and enthusiasm empower students with a true love of learning. The school’s reputation is well acclaimed for delivering Catholic values as well as academic rigor.

Throughout the last century, the original school building was expanded on a number of occasions through the generous support of parishioners, creating the campus we are privileged to have today. Over this time, Saint Clement has doubled its enrollment, going from a small parish school to one of the largest, most successful schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago with 475 students. It is this very growth that requires our funding of ongoing structural improvements to ensure our school’s future. Though a dramatic addition was made to the school in 2003, prior significant renovations to the original building were last made in 1925 and 1935.

Today we are called upon to undertake a number of renovations to the school that will ease the structural challenges of a densely populated, aging building serving more than 550 students and staff each day. The proposed work for the school is multi-layered and will require the investment of approximately $1.1 million.

The primary entry to the school will be altered allowing for direct visual monitoring of guests, while new security systems will provide enhanced safety. This new configuration will create a formal reception area at the threshold of the school and offer better- controlled access to the building.

To improve school operations and security, the administrative offices will be re-configured on the first floor. The relocated office area will provide a dedicated nurse’s office, an additional bathroom, and administrative offices.

The classrooms on the second and third floors will each be adapted with individual air conditioning units. The new units will provide temperature control at the beginning and end of the school year, as well as provide new opportunities for use during summer break.

We will replace the windows on the west façade of the school, which have the most solar heat gain. Classrooms with single-pane windows on the first, second, and third floors will be upgraded with new, thermally-insulated, double-pane tinted windows. Additionally, classrooms on the lower level and the first floor will be brought up to code with new fire-rated windows.

In the event we are able to exceed our $6 million goal, we will have the resources to enhance the library, media center, and science labs with updated environments, resources, and technology.

As Saint Clement School moves toward its second century of academic excellence, considerable work will be required to serve future generations of eager students in the Catholic faith. Much thought has gone into evaluating our needs and vision to ensure our school's success for generations to come. Contributions to the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign will make a real difference in building that future for our children.

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