Confirmation is the sacrament of the Holy Spirit. Through this sacrament we receive the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Reverence, Right Judgement, Courage, and Wonder and Awe in God's Presence. We offer programs for both children and adults preparing for this sacrament.

Children Preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation

Students in seventh and eighth grade prepare to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation. Since students this age are mature enough to make their own decision about receiving this sacrament, the students are responsible for their own work, independent of their parents. However, parents are encouraged to support their child and be present through the preparation process.
Preparation begins in the spring of the 7th grade year beginning with a parent meeting. Students then have a Day of Reflection in late spring, and kick off their summer "Matthew 25" Service Projects. They work on Mass Journals, and have a Confirmation Retreat, have an interview with a member of the parish staff, write a letter of intent to the Confirming Bishop, work on some activities with their sponsor, and the candidates receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in 8th grade. 
Older students can prepare for and receive this sacrament at any time, we often try to work with groups of families to prepare together, please contact Rachel Espinoza, Director of Children and Family Catechesis for more information.
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Adult Confirmation

Click here to download a printer-friendly 2015 Adult Confirmation packet

The sacraments of baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist are intimately connected to one another and are known as the Sacraments of Initiation. All three make up full Christian initiation. Confirmation deepens our baptismal call to be witnesses of Jesus Christ in the world. In receiving the sacrament of confirmation, we are strengthened by the Holy Spirit to build communities of love and service. If you are over the age of 18, were baptized Catholic, received first Eucharist, and were educated in the faith – yet never received the sacrament of confirmation – we invite you to consider participating in this sacrament.

Prior to the confirmation we will participate in a number of formation sessions that will include reflection, discussion, and prayer. Please note these dates and times. You are expected to be present for all sessions.

Dates & Events

Formation Sessions (Saint Clement Chapel):

Every Monday
September 14 to November 16
7:00-9:00 PM

Confirmation Rehearsal:
Monday, November 23,* 7:00-8:30 PM Saint Clement Church
*Please note this session takes place during the week of Thanksgiving. We would ask that you make any travel plans accordingly.

Confirmation Liturgy:
Wednesday, December 2, 7:00 PM; Saint Clement Church

Pot-luck Celebration and Wrap Up:
Monday, December 7, 6:30-8:00 PM; Fahey Center First Floor


Since our preparation course is relatively brief, we ask you to make a sincere effort to be present for all sessions! If exceptional circumstances prevent you from being at a session, we ask that your sponsor (see below) or a designated classmate collect any handouts and important information for you during the session. You may also be asked to do some additional reading or reflection with your sponsor to cover any material you missed.


We ask that you have a sponsor who will support you during this journey as you prepare for confirmation. The role of a sponsor is to walk with you as a mentor and friend, to be a witness to the faith, and to be a bridge to the larger Catholic community and tradition. (Note: sponsors need not be saints or walking Catholic encyclopedias, but rather disciples striving to live a Christian life – with all its joys and challenges!) 

Your sponsor should be a practicing Catholic with whom you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and experience. Your sponsor must be a confirmed Catholic over the age of 16, and cannot be your parent. In choosing a sponsor, you might consider reflecting on the following questions:  

  1. Who do I know that values their Catholic faith?  
  2. Who do I know that practices their faith regularly and/or is actively involved in their Church community?  
  3. If I were going to ask someone to pray for me, who would I ask?
  4. Would one of my Godparents be a good sponsor? (Since baptism and confirmation are closely connected!)   

If you are at a loss for a sponsor, we can help to introduce you to a volunteer sponsor from our parish community (or your own parish community if you are joining us from another parish).

Sponsors are strongly encouraged to attend the formation sessions with you, as it often helps to spark discussion when reflecting together outside of class. If your sponsor does not live in Chicago, you will want to be sure you are able to set aside time to communicate and reflect with this person as you prepare for confirmation.  You will be assigned one or two questions to discuss with your sponsor prior to each session. We will review the role of the sponsor at our first session and provide some helpful hints for making the most of your sponsor relationship.


We will need a copy of your baptismal certificate by Monday, November 2.  If you do not have your original certificate and need to obtain a new one, please write or call the church where you were baptized and ask them to send one to Saint Clement at the following address:    

Saint Clement Church
c/o Christina Bax
642 W. Deming Place
Chicago, IL 60614 

Materials and Program Fee

We will provide you with all materials for preparation, including the U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults and the Catholic Study Bible.

There is a $60 program fee to cover the cost of the materials and the liturgical celebration.  Scholarships are available for those in need. Contact Christina Bax


You can register for the sessions and pay the program fee by credit card at the following site: Please note, the registration deadline is Sunday, September 13.

For Questions and More Information, please contact:

Christina Bax, 773-281-0371 ext. 113; e-mail:  |  Phone: (773) 281-0371  | Fax: (773) 281-2509 | 642 W. Deming Place  Chicago, IL 60614