Wedding Planning

The decision to enter into the relationship of married life is a serious one, and serves as a wonderful sign of hope and strength to our faith community. While the decision to marry is reached only after much discussion and prayerful thought, it is but the first step in the process of building a successful marriage. The love that two people privately come to realize and share is now to be made public as their families, friends, and parish prepare to support and encourage them in the celebration of their wedding.

Engagement is a special time – a time of love and preparation. It should be a happy time, a time for the couple to enjoy each other and store up precious memories. It is a time of richer dialogue, greater trust and fuller sharing of the deepest and most personal values. It is a time for reflection and prayer.

Saint Clement offers a wealth of assistance, encouragement and talent to help in preparing for the celebration of weddings. Please understand that every wedding ceremony is a unique event, and that all final details are settled only after meeting with the Saint Clement Parish staff.



We have designed this website to assist you in planning your wedding ceremony at Saint Clement Church. Here you will find information on our parish wedding procedures, as well as help in planning your liturgy and music. We invite you to acquaint yourself thoroughly with the materials and guidelines presented here. They have been prepared with an eye toward making your wedding day both beautiful and memorable, and we hope you will find them most helpful in that regard.

It is our hope that this website will answer most of the questions you might have about your wedding ceremony. If not, be sure to check the FAQs area to see if your questions are answered. Also, thoroughly consult the booklet: Your Wedding At Saint Clement ChurchRead More.

Dates and Times

Weddings at Saint Clement Church are held on Saturdays. Wedding times are 11:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm and 6:30pm; however, when three weddings are already scheduled on a particular day, a visiting priest must preside at the fourth wedding. Friday weddings are celebrated at 2:30pm. However- there are many restrictions on Friday weddings. Discuss any Friday weddings with Gael Day. We regret that we cannot accommodate requests for weddings at other dates and times. Read more.

Wedding Music

The celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage, which is rooted in the Church’s regular worship life, is not a private family function, nor is it merely a social affair or a personal expression of your love for one another. Rather, it is an action of the entire church in whose presence you commit yourselves to one another. Because the Sacrament of Marriage is worship, it is principally congregational. And because it is congregational, every effort should be made to enable the assembly to participate in a full and active manner. The liturgy is neither a show nor a performance and it is not enhanced by any design that creates passive observers. Everyone present should be encouraged to participate by being able to hear, see, speak, sing and pray. Read more.

Wedding Programs

Saint Clement offers to prepare your program

Saint Clement offers to design and print a wedding order of service (program) for your liturgy. The order of service differs from a simple program since it contains the music and congregational responses for the liturgy. This information will help your guests feel more at ease with the wedding ceremony and will assist them in being full and active participants in your wedding ceremony. Just like most wedding programs, the order of service also includes the names of those who will serve in special roles at your wedding. Keep in mind that Saint Clement does not have any hymnals, missalettes, or worship books in the pews. We design orders of service for all of our liturgies. The wedding order of service uses the same format that we use for all of our liturgies: 11x17 paper in trifold. A sample of our service can be found here: 

The fee for this service is $100 and includes printing.

If you would like Saint Clement to prepare your program, begin by filling out the online form. Read more.


For general questions weddings, first read the FAQ section that is available on this website by using the navigation located to the right. For additional information, please contact our Wedding Coordinator, Gael Day.

For music questions, first read all of the information that is available on this website wedding site by using the navigation located to the right. For additional questions, contact Paul Nicholson Director of Music.

For out of town weddings preparation, contact Cathy Madayag.

For liturgical questions, contact Gabriel Mayhugh.  |  Phone: (773) 281-0371  | Fax: (773) 281-2509 | 642 W. Deming Place  Chicago, IL 60614