Wedding FAQ's

Please note: Most questions can be answered by thoroughly reading Your Wedding At Saint Clement Church.

If a couple would like to be married at Saint Clement Church, how do they begin planning?

How far in advance of the wedding should a couple contact Saint Clement?

  • At least six months in advance.

Does the couple need to be Saint Clement Parish parishioners to be married at Saint Clement Parish?

Saint Clement requires that at least one member of the couple be a registered and active parishioner. We regret that we are not able to hold wedding liturgies for couples who have no parish affiliation.  You may register as a parishioner by contacting the parish office. 

What is the fee for wedding liturgy at Saint Clement?

  • The wedding fee is $1,175.00.  The fee is mostly all-inclusive. This fee includes the services of organist as well as a cantor. (singer)   It includes the parish wedding attendant who will coordinate your rehearsal and wedding day, and the fee includes all paperwork. Pre-Cana preparation courses are not part of the fee.  Pre-Cana at Saint Clement is offered provided that space is available. Other Pre-Cana courses are offered through outside organizations. A non-refundable $100 deposit is required at the time of booking the wedding date. Saint Clement is a vital parish providing for the spiritual and ministerial needs of its people and the surrounding community. It is a "museum quality" church that provides a jewel-like setting Sunday and feast day celebrations as well as weddings. The wedding fee helps to cover not only the expenses incurred by the parish in helping the couple, their friends and families to celebrate a most joyous day, but also goes toward the maintenance and upkeep (including heating and air conditioning) of the magnificent building in which weddings take place. Wedding fees also help support the ministries and outreach programs for which Saint Clement Parish is known.

What if one person being married is Catholic and their future spouse is not? Is that a problem?

  • Usually not, but a special type of Church permission called a "dispensation" is required. Contact Gael Day for additional information.

What if someone was previously married and is now divorced? How does this affect planning for the wedding?

  • There are a number of issues that must be addressed surrounding the matter of previous marriage. The couple will need to meet with one of the parish priests or premarital ministers to discuss their situation.

Does the couple need to attend a Pre Cana class before their wedding?

  • All couples will need to participate in one of three forms of marriage preparation program, with no exceptions since it is required by the Archdiocese. The Archdiocese of Chicago offers both one-day Pre Cana and weekend (Discovery Weekend) programs. Saint Clement offers its own Pre Cana program. These options will be discussed at the general information wedding meeting and the couple will be asked to choose one of them.

Are musicians not affiliated with Saint Clement permitted to play and sing at weddings? 

  • Do not make any musical plans without first reading our wedding music page and consulting with the music staff.

Is the church air conditioned?

Saint Clement Church is fully heated and air conditioned.

May priests or ministers from other denominations participate in the wedding ceremony?

  • Priests from other Catholic parishes or ministers from other denominations are welcome to participate in the wedding ceremony. The presider for your wedding must be a Catholic priest or deacon and the liturgy must take place according to the Rite of Marriage within the Catholic Church. Visiting presiders are expected to be present at the wedding rehearsal. Please inform us at least two months in advance if other ministers or priests will take part in your liturgy and discuss the possibility with your priest or deacon.

May I allow my guests to leave their cars in the parking lot after the wedding.

  • No. Any cars left in the parking lot risk being towed. Other weddings may follow your wedding, or the parish may be preparing for another event. Parking is at a premium and we will not allow any exceptions. This policy also includes 6:30pm weddings.

What do I need to tell my florist, photographer and vidoegrapher?

  • All information regarding florists, photographers and videographers can be on the final pages of Your Wedding At Saint Clement Church. Be sure to send this information to your florist, photographer and videographer in advance of your wedding.

My mom, sister, brother, etc. would like to plan our wedding. Can they assist in planning the wedding and the liturgy?

  • We cannot work with anyone other than the bride and groom since the expectation is that you take an active role in planning your wedding. Other people becoming involved causes difficulty for our staff and will only lead to confusion throughout the process. 

I have a wedding coordinator working with me. How can they plan my wedding?

  • Outside wedding coordinators are strictly not permitted to plan a wedding. Our staff will not work with them in this regard, nor will we answer any questions or field any phone calls from wedding coordinators. For your rehearsal and wedding ceremony, our wedding attendant will lead both the rehearsal and ceremony. Outside wedding coordinators are not permitted to lead these occasions.  |  Phone: (773) 281-0371  | Fax: (773) 281-2509 | 642 W. Deming Place  Chicago, IL 60614