Who We Are

For some ten years now Saint Clement Parish has been deepening its understanding of becoming a Stewardship Parish. The practical spirituality of Stewardship is based in the Scriptures and is particularly relevant to our culture and to our parish. Spiritually this means that each person in the parish is encouraged to spend time understanding how all that they “have” is a gift from God. And that each person is uniquely gifted. This leads to the next step of prayerfully deciding how those many gifts will be given back to God. This is best understood through personally discerning the disposition of our time, talent and treasure. This giving back is of its own nature, sacrificial, because individually our time, talent and treasure are limited resources. 

Practically it means that as a parish we make a commitment to give our ‘first fruits’ to needs beyond our parish. This commitment called “Clement Commits” currently donates 10% from the parish collection before any other concerns are covered. The “Clement Commits” spirit imbues our understanding of all the material maters of the parish. 

It also means that we try to limit the number of “fundraisers” in favor of encouraging a commitment of sacrificial giving by each person in the parish. This is concretely represented through our Sunday Giving Commitment. Electronic giving through ParsishPay gives an opportunity to prayerfully, consciously, consistently and conveniently make this a priority in each parishioner’s life. Our annual single parish fundraiser, the Anchor Ball, benefits the church and the school.  

With each person in the parish making a sacrificial gift to the parish of their time talent and treasure we will have more than enough – we will fully realize the meaning of the promise that we live in abundance.




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