Gay and Lesbian Catholics

The gay and lesbian community is well represented in the day-to-day life of Saint Clement Church. Gays and lesbians are lectors and choir members, members of Communities of Care, members of various parish commissions, and much more.

The Gay and Lesbian Network was created more than 15 years ago to support our gay and lesbian parishioners, their families and their friends. The Network has sponsored trips to movie festivals, theatrical productions and concerts, hosted coffees and brunches after Mass and dinners at local restaurants, enjoyed fellowship at members' homes, and looked for more ways to address the spiritual needs of the gay and lesbian parishioners of Saint Clement. The Gay and Lesbian Network also sponsors a small faith sharing group.

For information on the Network, contact Michael Warrell.  |  Phone: (773) 281-0371  | Fax: (773) 281-2509 | 642 W. Deming Place  Chicago, IL 60614