Parish Engagement Committee

The Parish Engagement Committee is an arm of the Stewardship Council.  Its purpose is to encourage and assist parishioners in establishing a deeper connection to Saint Clement, to the Church and to their faith so as to grow in their understanding and practice of prayer, service and giving.

Membership in this committee is comprised of a cross-section of the parish representing diverse age groups and demographics. Membership on the Committee is by appointment, but any adult or active member of the God Squad Youth Group may apply. Appointments are for 1 year, and renewable up to 3 years. The Committee meets monthly and assists with welcoming activities, listening sessions, focus groups, community-building initiatives and the Strengths for the Journey program.

Strengths for the Journey program: One of the programs coordinated by this committee is Strengths for the Journey which is one of the means we help people to grow in their sense of engagement and connection. Strengths for the Journey is one of the ways we assist people in participating at Saint Clement. This committee is also implementing ways for people who have done the initial group process in Strengths for the Journey to continue to understand and develop their strengths and we will provide resources for parish leadership groups to make use of the Strengths process to increase the effectiveness of each committee and council.

Membership Engagement: As part of the Parish Engagement mission, parishioners are asked to meet individually or in small groups to discuss what it is that they expect from their parish and what they believe is expected of them as members of the parish.  Again, research shows that members are more likely to become engaged when there is a clear understanding of expectations.

Listening Sessions and Focus Groups: From time to time parishioners are asked to meet in small groups to “take the pulse” of the parish, assessing how true we are to our Mission.  Groups are also asked to express their spiritual needs and growth at various stages in life such as  newly married, new parents, recent graduates,  mid-life questioners, empty-nesters, retired persons, etc.  |  Phone: (773) 281-0371  | Fax: (773) 281-2509 | 642 W. Deming Place  Chicago, IL 60614